10 Fun Facts About Greenville, North Carolina

facts about living in Greenville, North Carolina

As Greenville residents, there’s probably quite a bit that you know about our lovely town. The best spots to eat, fun traditions, and maybe even some history too! We’ve got some fun facts about Greenville, North Carolina to throw into the mix. How many did you know?

It Wasn’t Always Called Greenville

Though you know this town as Greenville, it didn’t always go by that name. In fact, its first name was once Martinsborough!

Summer in the Park is Music to Your Ears

In the summer, we’re always looking for something to do! One local tradition is Summer in the Park at the Town Common. There, you can dance along to fun live concerts!

A Tale of Two Greenvilles

Greenville is a wonderful North Carolina city. It turns out that South Carolina also has a Greenville of its own too! Twins!

Greenville Is a Haven for BMX Fans

Greenville has many other names. One of them is “BMX Pro Town USA!” Why? Well, Greenville is home to the yearly BMX Fest—and it has plenty of other related events all the time.

Greenville Was Founded Before the USA

Did you know that Greenville was actually founded before the United States was? Greenville was founded in 1771, about five years before America.

An Unusual Farm

You’ve heard of—and probably seen—corn farms, dairy farms, or apple farms. As it turns out, Greenville was once home to an unusual farm source: it had nineteen antennae farms, making radio broadcasting simple and easy in the area.

Excellent Higher Education

One of the big fun facts about Greenville is that it’s home to multiple great colleges. Greenville residents can attend East Carolina University or Pitt Community College.

Educated Residents

Potentially due to the amount of great local colleges, about 30 percent of the people who live in Greenville have earned their Bachelor’s Degrees. Wow!

A Famous Alumna

One of the most famous names in the movie business got her degree from East Carolina University: Sandra Bullock! She studied there from 1982 to 1986.

Starting Small

Though Greenville is now a well-populated city, it started off small. Originally, it was just 100 acres. That’s about 0.16 square miles!


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