Local Spotlight: Pitt County Brew and ‘Cue Trail

Pitt County Brew and ‘Cue Trail

There’s nothing much better than some tangy barbeque—and some good ol’ fashioned brew to wash it down. The Pitt County Brew and ‘Cue Trail is as Greenville as it gets, and it is sure to whet your appetite and wet the whistle as well!

What is the Pitt County Brew and ‘Cue Trail?

Well, it’s hinted in the name! It’s not a trail per se, but it does boast a long line of amazing breweries and barbecue joints that call the Greenville, North Carolina and surrounding areas home. Essentially, the trail features restaurants and breweries native to the Greenville area, which can lead to a fun-filled weekend for locals or an enriching Greenville getaway for out-of-towners. The Pitt County Brew and ‘Cue Trail literally is a way for residents and visitors, alike, to get a sweet (and bitter) taste of the town.

How does the Trail work?

While there’s no defined “trailhead,” one place you can start is at the Greenville-Pitt County Convention and Visitors Bureau, located at 417 Cotanche St., Suite 100 in Greenville. However, a number of locations carry the all-important “PorkPass,” which serves as a passport of sorts that you can fill with memorabilia from the different establishments that dot the area.

Once you’ve hit the hot spots (which can be breweries, BBQ joints, or both)—and completed your PorkPass—you can head back to the visitors center and collect your reward. You can choose between a Pitt County Brew and ‘Cue Trail T-shirt or pint glass—and get your picture plastered on the Brew & ‘Cue Wall of Fame!

What are some of the attractions on the Trail?

There are multiple breweries and barbecue restaurants on the Pitt County Brew and ‘Cue Trail. Here’s just a sampling:

Bum’s Restaurant

If you like your BBQ traditional and wood-smoked, then Bum’s is the joint for you. This family-owned and operated restaurant delivers ample breakfast, lunch, and dinner dining options.


It’s the place to be! You’ll need to get there early—they’re quite popular and once they run out they’re closed for the day!

Pitt Street Brewing Company

Home to four original craft brews, Pitt Street features the best in Greenville beer, a relaxing atmosphere, and pet-friendly patios and gardens.

Uptown Brewing Company

Uptown houses a full bar and taproom, and has tours throughout the facility regularly, making it a must-see for beer enthusiasts.


The Pitt County Brew and ‘Cue Trail is definitely a prize of the Greenville, North Carolina community. Your taste buds won’t feel neglected here!

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