Happy Holidays: 7 Fun Christmas Facts

fun Christmas facts

December 25th is nearly here! Our gift to you? These fun Christmas facts.

Origin of Tinsel

Tinsel is a classic decoration! We’ve been using it a lot longer than you might guess. In fact, it’s been on our trees and in our homes since 1610. Back then though, it was made out of genuine silver!

Late Christmas Shopping

Some of us pick up our Christmas gifts later than others! In fact, one-third of men put off their holiday shopping until the night before Christmas!

Foodborne Illnesses

During the holidays, we eat all kinds of delicious foods. Sometimes, though, they cause us a world of pain! Around 400,000 people find themselves falling victim to foodborne illnesses. The cause? Christmas leftovers! Always make sure that you follow proper protocol when you store and eat your food!

Annual Present Price Tag

How much do you spend on presents each year? The national average price tag for holiday gifts is $967.13!

The Meaning of “Jingle Bells”

Another one of our fun Christmas facts may surprise you. “Jingle Bells” isn’t actually a Christmas song! It was written to celebrate…Thanksgiving!

Big Shopping Days

Though it seems like Black Friday is the biggest shopping we’ll see each year, that’s not the case! December 23 and 24 hold that title—probably because of so many last-minute shoppers!

Best-Selling Christmas Song

Those of us who celebrate Christmas usually have a favorite Christmas song! The question is—what’s the best-selling song ever? The answer: Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.”


As you gather around the table or the Christmas tree, you have something new to give out: these fun Christmas facts. In just a couple days, you can celebrate in earnest. We hope you have a wonderful, safe holiday surrounded by those you love.

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