Local Spotlight: Greenville Greenways

Greenville Greenways

Fresh air does everybody good. At the Greenville Greenways, you’ll get plenty of it—along with picturesque views of parks and woodlands. Some parts of the parks even run along the beautiful Tar River. Plan your next outing among this scenic string of linear parks that trace Greenville’s north side!

What are the Greenways?

The Greenville Greenways are a series of linear parks on Greenville’s north side. Linear parks, as their name suggests, are longer than they are wide—and can stretch for miles. Like the Greenways themselves, linear parks typically pop up in urban and suburban areas.

Where are the Greenways?

Great question! The Greenville Greenways reside on the north side of Greenville, offering an outdoor outlet that runs a length of downtown Greenville’s perimeter. At some points, the Greenways even parallel the majestic Tar River.

The Greenville Greenways can take you from one part of the city to the other. For instance, a major Greenway begins at Greenville Town Common, winding its way through part of a university neighborhood before reaching Green Springs Park. After that, it becomes Green Mill Run Greenway, following along a small creek that leads to East Carolina University to the south.

Or if you’re in the mood for a shorter trek or bike, you can opt for the Greenway that leaves you in the midst of crisscrossing paths in Greenville Town Common. The good thing is—wherever you decide to travel on the Greenville Greenways, nature is in abundance!

What’s there to do at the Greenways?

For those who need a break from the hustle and bustle, they’ll be in good company at the Greenville Greenways. You can enjoy biking, walking, jogging, and more within the parks. Hit your stride or just get some good exercise!


We’re grateful that there’s a place like the Greenville Greenways to get away from it all and reconnect with nature. It’s a welcome retreat for all Greenville residents!

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