In the News: Intersect East in Greenville

Intersect East in Greenville

Take a good look at the Warehouse District—because it’s about to change! New construction will revolutionize the area, ushering business to our town. We’re talking about the upcoming plans for Intersect East in Greenville. Follow us as we map out just what’s on the horizon.

What is Intersect East?

Though it’s aimed at millennials, Intersect East in Greenville is about to be a significant source of revenue for the whole town. In fact, the projected earnings are a whopping $142 million!

The project, headed by Elliott Sidewalk Communities, the City of Greenville, and East Carolina University, is plenty ambitious. Not only does it include plans residential spaces, research labs, and offices, but it will also have retail and manufacturing spots.

So, for those of us who love shopping local, Intersect East will also provide a great source of small businesses to support. With 14 buildings in total, it will boast quite a bit of room for those shops and businesses too. And as for new careers—estimates peg a 1,500 total job increase as a result of this excellent economical project.

Where is Intersect East?

They will be building Intersect East in Greenville, NC’s own Warehouse District. That’s over by 11th Street and Pitt Street!

When will Intersect East be completed?

After years of planning, Intersect East is closer than ever. Construction will officially begin in the fall of next year. According to current estimates, the initial phase will last a couple years, with its official completion date slated for January of 2023. After that, there will be three more phases. Intersect East should be fully finished by 2028. We can’t wait to see what the area looks like in just a handful of years! And you know what they say—time really does fly!


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