Local Spotlight: Pitt County Arts Council

Pitt County Arts Council

It’s the little details that bring vibrancy to everyday life. From giving away soap to essential workers, to pottery classes, to printmaking exhibitions, and more, the Pitt County Arts Council showcases the beauty of Greenville, NC. Not to mention, they also recently held a mural contest, designed to spotlight local creators. If you want to see the full picture, keep reading about this amazing artistic organization!

More on The Pitt County Arts Council

The Pitt County Arts Council wants to make art accessible for us all! As a nonprofit, they do it all out of love. You may have already benefited from their contributions to the area too. With events like virtual concerts, Paint in the Park, Zoom workshops and more, they’ve ensured that we can nurture our creative sides—even during such an unexpected year.

Additionally, they have two galleries, with a variety of exhibits. If you’ve visited before, you always have an excuse to go again, because the exhibits change over time. Plus, you can support local artists by picking out pieces for sale.

Giving Back to the Community

This organization also aims to give back! Because they support two outreach programs, profits they make from sales and donations go to help others. Their first program, Art is Good Medicine, assists people in treatment for cancer. Their second program, The Youth Public Arts Project, brings the power of art to at-risk youth.

The Greenville Mural Project

Earlier, we mentioned murals! Well, the Pitt County Arts Council and Civic Arts Committee recently held applications open to eastern North Carolina artists. They promised the winners that they could count on making a big splash—a big splash of paint, that is.

During the installation of the Greenville Mural Project, artists were offered the opportunity to bring color to town with murals of their very own. Even better, winners will get a design payment of $500 and $2,000 for their supplies!

The Council closed submissions on April 17 and is evaluating the entries. The artists they choose will then turn a parking garage into their canvas. More specifically, the two concrete panels up by the entrance will get an artistic makeover.

Look out for the project on  Fourth Street, nestled between Evans Street and Cotanche Street! They will install it starting in June!


What makes Greenville beautiful? The community, for one thing! And so does the art that our community creates. This year, we can thank the Pitt County Arts Council for empowering more creators to bring their vivid visions into the light of day.

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