In the News: Greenville’s Emerald Loop Project

Greenville's Emerald Loop Project

Greenville, NC is home to a flourishing arts and culture scene. From projects via the Pitt County Arts Council, to the recently-featured Greenville Museum of Art, to the multiple locations of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, residents appreciate the humanities. Soon, they can easily embrace the finer things life with a new project: Greenville’s Emerald Loop Project. Circling around Uptown Greenville, this ambitious creation will take five years to finish.

More about the project

Imagine following a map that leads you to some of our cities’ most significant works of art and cultural offerings. That’s exactly what the Emerald Loop Project aims to provide! Described as a “multi-modal arts trail,” it will lead curious art-lovers to the many works of significance in the area.

Not to mention, it will feature its own trolley covered in designs! They also endeavor to link this project to local African-American Cultural Trail spots as well.


In 2018, Greenville became a SmART city. Then, in 2019, meetings began to start putting the Emerald Loop Project Together, with the help of the Pitt County Arts Council. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, the project earned $30,000 from the North Carolina Arts Council. And, if the application is accepted, we may also have another $75,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town Grant.

The five-year plan

Greenville’s Emerald Loop Project kicked off its first step earlier this summer when the intersection of Reade Circle and Evans Street underwent a graphic street paving treatment. Click here for photos!

That’s not all the planners aim to do. Check below to see the highlights of what they have slated over the next five years.


This year, planning is the main theme. They will lay the groundwork for the rest of the project by getting quotes for the lighting the project will require.


2022 marks a big year for the Emerald Loop Project! Among other things, they will put 2021’s lighting information to good use. In 2022, planners will light stakeholder and municipal buildings. Additionally, they will also start paving treatments at numerous city intersections, create murals at the 10th Street overpass, plan a trolley system, and more.

2023 and 2024

Years three and four of planning will benefit from a more cohesive approach, with the tasks rolling from one year to another. Those goals include making a trolley system, putting up signage, and adding more lighting to the area.


The final year! During year five, the project will culminate with the completion of Five Points Plaza. There, visitors can check out interesting art installations, such as integrated sculptures.


The next five years will make our town even better than ever! For that, we can thank Greenville’s Emerald Loop Project, put together by the city itself and the Pitt County Arts Council. We can’t wait to see the final results!

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