In the News: The Visit NC Farms App in Pitt County

The Visit NC Farms App in Pitt County

Have you ever been visiting a town and wished you knew where a local farmers market or farm-to-table restaurant was? Or maybe you’re local, and you just never know where to go for fresh produce. Thanks to the Visit NC Farms app in Pitt County, it’s easier for visitors (and locals) to meet these needs!

What to Know

Launched recently, the Visit NC Farms app in Pitt County serves to connect people with fresh food and more. In a nutshell, the app connects residents and visitors to local farmer’s markets, pick-your-own farms, food pantries, community gardens, fisheries and local restaurants.

The app also lets users explore community events featuring locally-sourced food and beverages. In addition, the app aims to build awareness and spark tourism through spotlighting various food and agricultural assets across the state.

Now, Greenville-Pitt County has joined the ranks and has more than 30 locations featured on the app! With so many to mention, we suggest clicking here to check out the full list shared in a recent Visit NC Farms blog.

The App Background

The pilot program for this app started in 2017 in Orange County. After their initial success, the app expanded and began working with other counties. Currently, it is live or in development in more than 35 North Carolina counties!

The launch of the Visit NC Farms app in Pitt County marks one of the newest additions. Recent circumstances have contributed to big jumps in both downloads and engagements, according to More people want to know where to pick up farm fresh food easily and readily.

Again, data supports this notion with about 10,000 active users and counting!

Greenville-Pitt County Contributors

Our community’s local listings and participation were made possible by several groups. Visit Greenville NC, the Pitt County Development Commission and the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Pitt County all have worked together to fund, oversee and promote the app.

Additionally, the Greenville Eastern North Carolina (ENC) Alliance provided financial support to sponsor the app’s annual maintenance fee for its first year.

Ready to download the app? It’s easy. Download it from your App Store or Google Play.


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