Now Open: Greenville’s Wildwood Park

Greenville's Wildwood Park

Cleaning up your apartment. Cooking for guests. Cleaning up again after you cook. We know—the holidays seem to turn into one big whirlwind. So, sometimes, it helps to step away from it all. If you need to clear your head, you can always relax and renew in nature at Greenville’s Wildwood Park. It just opened off Blue Heron Drive—and everyone is welcome!

About Greenville’s Wildwood Park

Residents in the area have hotly anticipated Greenville’s Wildwood Park. And now, after the completion of phase one, the park is officially open. It started welcoming visitors in mid-October.

Good news: there’s even more to come too. Greenville’s Wildwood Park will have a second phase, with planned additions such as a lake observation tower and mountain bike trails. These developments will likely kick off—and finish—in 2022.

For more info on all the progress Wildwood Park has made, read our blog post here!

Amenities and features

All kinds of activities are on the table at Greenville’s Wildwood Park. Get ready to camp, kayak, hike, fish, and more! This new park supports a variety of outdoorsy activities. It also includes amenities and features like:

  • A kayak launch;
  • A 1.5-mile-long Natural Surface Trail;
  • A waterfront camping area;
  • A beach;
  • Covered pavilions;
  • A parking lot, complete with 135 spaces; and
  • A floating dock, which includes three boat slips.


Ready to visit Greenville’s Wildwood Park? Head on over to 3450 Blue Heron Drive. That’s about a 20-minute drive from Summer Green, depending on traffic.

Visiting details

You’ve got the address! Now, let’s talk hours. The park opens at dawn and closes the gate at dusk.

And if you want to bring your fluffy friends, go ahead! Just know that all dogs must be leashed.

Have a question we didn’t answer? Check out Wildwood Park’s FAQ here.


This season, schedule in some time outside at Greenville’s Wildwood Park. From camping, to walking the trails, to fishing, you’re in for a much-needed breather.

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