In the News: New Social Districts in Greenville

new social districts in Greenville

Cheers! Two new social districts in Greenville are officially operating on Thursdays through Saturdays from 5 to 10 p.m. Visitors can make their way downtown to visit one, or both, of the social districts.

Two new social districts

The new social districts in Greenville opened to the public on October 6th, just in time to enjoy those cooler nights!

Wondering what a social district is? To clarify, it’s a designated area in town that allows patrons to walk around sipping their wine, beer or cocktails. But there are rules.

For instance, you can only purchase drinks from participating, licensed businesses. Then you can move freely among other participating businesses within the specified district.

Greenville’s new social districts include the Uptown Social District and the Dickinson Avenue Social District.

More about the social districts

The two new social districts in Greenville do operate independently. Drinks purchased in one district cannot be taken to the other district.

Uptown Social District

The Uptown Social District includes portions of West and East Third Street, Fourth Street and Fifth Street. It also includes parts of Evans Street and Cotanche Street.

A few participating businesses include Chico’s Mexican Restaurant, Uptown Brewing Company and 5th Street Hardware Restaurant &Taproom.

Dickinson Avenue Social District

As far as the perimeters for the Dickinson Avenue Social District go, head up Dickinson Avenue toward Clark Street and Pitt Street. It continues to Reade Circle along West Eight Street to Washington Street down to part of West Ninth Street.

Guests can stop, shop and dine at places such as Pitt Street Brewing Company, Side Bar and Dickinson Avenue Public House—just to name a few.

Visit the city’s website to find out more about the new social districts’ guidelines, boundaries and participating businesses.


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