In the News: Development at Wildwood Park in Greenville

development at Wildwood Park in Greenville

In keeping with the season, changes and upgrades will continue with the development at Wildwood Park in Greenville thanks to a recently-awarded grant!

About upcoming Wildwood Park developments

The ongoing development at Wildwood Park in Greenville recently received a financial boost from a Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Grant (PARTF).

The $361,600 grant was awarded by the North Carolina Recreation and Parks Authority Board. Park development projects will use the funds.

According to reports, funds will be used to build the infrastructure needed for new amenities on the east side of the park, which park leaders hope to have ready by next summer.

Reports also stated the 2022 PARTF grant funding and the required grant match funds will be used for additional developments as well.

Other projects include constructing new restrooms, a parking lot, zip lines and a playground challenge course. These new park features and attractions will all be located near the bicycle skills course and the pump track.

Construction on those projects is expected to begin in early 2024.

More about Wildwood Park

Wildwood Park includes more than 360 acres of outdoor recreation and fun! The park features two ponds, providing visitors with plenty of opportunities for water activities.

Currently, the park includes natural surface trails, a kayak launch, a floating dock with boat slips, a sandy beach, outdoor shelters and camping platforms.

Discover more about Greenville’s new outdoor oasis by reading our previous blog about the park’s initial opening last November.


Visit to 3450 Blue Heron Drive to enjoy the amenities. It’s also a good way to check on the progress of the developments at Wildwood Park in Greenville. It’s usually only about a 20-minute drive from Summer Green.


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