Local Spotlight: B’s Barbecue in Greenville

B’s Barbecue in Greenville

If you need a winter pick-me-up, make plans for a hearty plate of comfort food—also known as barbecue. If you’re lucky enough to call the Emerald City home, B’s Barbecue in Greenville should be the first place you go.

About B’s Barbecue

B’s Barbecue in Greenville is no stranger to the art of slow-cooking whole hogs and more. In fact, this roadside hole-in-the-wall has been serving backyard pit-style barbecue for more than 42 years now.

And, according to reports, it’s “arguably the best BBQ in North Carolina.” In other words, if you want some of the best barbecue in town, come early.

Take heart, however, if you arrive at B’s Barbecue and there is a line out the door. It should move quickly. Guests can dine inside at tables or booths or outside at picnic tables. You can also order your food to go.

The menu

Of course, there’s the mouthwatering, hand-chopped pork at B’s Barbecue, but there’s much more to enjoy. For instance, there’s slow-cooked chicken, baby back ribs, wings, burgers and sandwiches. Add on a side such as baked beans, green beans, potatoes and homemade coleslaw for a full meal.

Did we mention they make homemade sauce too? They do!


B’s Barbecue in Greenville is located on the corner of B’s Barbecue Road and West Fifth Street. The official address is 751 State Road 1204, which is only about five miles from Summer Green Apartment Homes.

That means a plate full of some of North Carolina’s best barbecue is about a 10-minute drive away! But don’t expect to satisfy that B’s Barbecue craving on a Sunday or Monday. The BBQ joint is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.—or until the food runs out.


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