Coming Soon: Native Fine Diner

Native Fine Diner

Mouth-watering food. Delicious drinks. And a mid-century vibe that ties it all together. The Native Fine Diner in Greenville has it all. Learn more about this future restaurant and the history it holds!

About Native Fine Diner

Get ready to treat your taste buds at Native Fine Diner in Greenville. Native is a modern rekindling of North Carolina’s popular and historic Carolina Grill, the oldest restaurant in Greenville.

This fine diner will feature contemporary greasy spoon classics by Chef Lucas Owens. Chef Owens is the owner and chef of Native Fine Diner as well as another local favorite, Julep Contemporary Kitchen.

One of Chef Owen’s main focuses is utilizing unique partnerships with local farmers and parlaying that into world-influenced diner menus that are equal parts creative and nostalgic. According to reports, Native’s menu will feature a contrast of flavors, showcasing comfort food and innovative takes on diner classics. Native will also serve classic cocktails and feature a full-service bar to complement the food offerings.

This mid-century aesthetic diner will feature classic diner booths and banquette seats in order to mix old and new elements inside the restaurant. Brittany Owens, owner and interior designer for Native, told reports that given the restaurant’s history, it was important to both her and her husband, Chef Luke Owens, to preserve as much of the original diner as possible.


Native Fine Diner will be located at 907 Dickinson Avenue in Greenville.

This building is over 100 years old and was originally a 40’s, 50’s themed “Shiny Diner.” Since 1903, the space has only housed restaurants and was home to the beloved Carolina Grill.

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So, join the waiting list and get ready! Native Fine Diner will be open and serving up delicious meals before you know it. Plus, it’s only located a short 11-minute drive away from Summer Green Apartment Homes.

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