Coming Soon: CHEF’STORE in Greenville

CHEF'STORE in Greenville

A brand-new US Foods CHEF’STORE in Greenville will be a go-to for restaurateurs and those in the food service industry; however, the business’ tagline, “Built for chefs. Open to everyone,” promises useful finds for home chefs as well!

About US Foods CHEF’STORE in Greenville

The news of CHEF’STORE in Greenville came as part of a bigger announcement from parent company US Foods Holding Corp. According to a company press release, it’s one of three new CHEF’STORE locations coming to our region.

First up, the CHEF’STORE in Greenville will actually be the third location in North Carolina for the food and beverage supplier. Yet another North Carolina CHEF’STORE will be built in Fayetteville, with the third new CHEF’STORE coming to Roanoke, Virginia.

The press release stated that all three new locations plan to be open by late fall this year. The future 20,000-square-foot CHEF’STORE in Greenville will be located just off Greenville Boulevard, about two-and-a-half miles from the Greenville Mall.

More about US Foods CHEF’STORE

Established in 1988, CHEF’STORE has been providing high-quality food and beverage supplies and more to restaurants and catering companies. More specifically, it’s a one-stop shop for fresh produce, meat, dairy products, bulk foods, reliable kitchen equipment and more.

The warehouse-format shopping experience is designed for restaurant operators and foodservice professionals, but it’s also an option for non-profit organizations and the public since no membership is required. Caterers, coffee shop proprietors and event planners are also those mentioned among CHEF’STORE’s clientele.

But you don’t have to be in the food service industry to shop there! Their website also boasts that its stores are “convenient one-stop-shops for home cooks as well.”


The CHEF’STORE in Greenville will be located at 901 Mall Drive. Get to know more about the foodservice shopping center by connecting with the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Good news, Summer Green residents! We’re less than a mile from the upcoming CHEF’STORE in town, which means it will be about a two-minute drive from us. Just think about all the ingredients you’ll be able to stock up on for your fall comfort food favorites! Meanwhile, stay busy by reading our blogs.