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B’s Barbecue in Greenville

Local Spotlight: B’s Barbecue in Greenville

If you need a winter pick-me-up, make plans for a hearty plate of comfort food—also known as barbecue. If you’re lucky enough to call the Emerald City home, B’s Barbecue in Greenville should be the first place you go. About B’s Barbecue B’s Barbecue in Greenville is no stranger to the art of slow-cooking whole Read more about Local Spotlight: B’s Barbecue in Greenville[…]

Q-Sushi in Greenville

Coming Soon: Q-Sushi in Greenville

Keep your eyes peeled for the soon-to-be Q-Sushi in Greenville. They’re planning to open their doors sometime this summer! What we know Last month a local online interview with the owner of Q-Sushi in Greenville, Daniel Wu, provided a little intel. Not many details were given. We do know what was once an old Pizza Read more about Coming Soon: Q-Sushi in Greenville[…]

Biscuitville in Greenville

Coming Soon: Biscuitville in Greenville

We know they say not to count your chickens before the eggs hatch, but we’re too excited to wait! Biscuitville in Greenville will be serving those famous from-scratch biscuits and more from two locations by 2023! Biscuitville Fresh Southern According to recent reports, Biscuitville in Greenville would be the easternmost location for the popular central Read more about Coming Soon: Biscuitville in Greenville[…]